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Our Purpose

We exist to partner with parents as part of the church to see students come to know Christ, grow in maturity, and go into the world to spread the Gospel. We strive to equip students to be able to further Christ’s mission in whatever context they are in.


What to Expect

  • We strive for students to build healthy relationships with their peers and leaders.
  • Adult leaders who are committed to seeing students mature
  • Programs that help students come to know Christ, mature in Christ, and spread the Gospel



  • Lancaster: 6:45-8:45 PM in the Great Room. (Click here for a list of special events)
  • Myerstown: 6:45-8:45 PM in Room 1 (*Meets every other week)

Students meet in both large group and small group on alternating weeks. Each week, middle school and high school students meet together for worship and fellowship time. They then separate for age-appropriate teaching and small group time. 

Large Group:

  • Hear God’s Word taught
  • Apply/ Respond to God’s Word
  • Fellowship

Small Group:

Small groups are essential for the discipleship process. Student ministry leaders facilitate this time with a gender-specific group of either middle school or high school students. What we typically do:

  • Prayer
  • Accountability
  • Fellowship
  • Discussion
  • Application 



  • Lancaster: 8:30 & 10:45 AM in the Worship Center.
  • Myerstown: 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary.

Students have the opportunity to worship on Sunday mornings corporately with the rest of the church. There are also serving opportunities that may be available for you on Sunday mornings. Please contact Pastor Jared if you are interested in serving on Sunday mornings.


Student Opportunities

Leadership Team

For a select group of students that help guide the direction of the student ministry.

student band

For students who have musical interests and desire to gather with other students and leaders to worship together and learn how to lead worship.

Missions Team

For students who are interested in participating in our short-term mission trips and helping to implement a global perspective into the student ministry.

Hospitality Team

For students who would like to help connect visiting students to our ministry and create a welcoming atmosphere on Wednesday nights.

harvest student Retreat

An annual retreat for middle school and high school students where they have a focused weekend of spiritual refreshment and fun.

High School Retreat

For high school students to get away for a weekend to spend time setting goals for the year, studying God’s Word, and hanging out with other students before the new school year begins.

Other Events

There are other key events that we have throughout the year. Some events are geared towards spending time together, while other events are focused on providing an environment for bringing lost friends to church. All of the events are designed to be fun!


More Information

For more information about the Student Ministry, please contact Jesslyn Bitler at the church office 717.393.9600 or by email jesslyn@harvestlancaster.org.